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Vilasini Natyam

Having learnt from the master-craftsperson herself, Purvadhanashree, Swapnasundari's senior disciple, revelled in the sensuous grace of Vilasini Natyam. Her piercing abhinaya style is much like her guru's and draws in the rasika to be a part of the performance. 

Rupa Srikanth, THE HINDU


The divinity of dance is the most predominant feature of Vilasini Natyam and this was amply exemplified by Purva in every piece that she chose to present… Purva undertook the elaborate jatis in steady ascending cycles with astonishing accuracy to beats. She glided through the most complex footwork ever seen with alacrity and acumen.

The artiste got transformed form the dedicated temple dancer  to the poised court dancer and immediately and her demeanour underwent a drastic change… so much for Purva’s histrionics.

Ranee Kumar , THE HINDU


Unlike the meditative intensity of Purva’s Bharatanatyam, her foray into VilasiniNatyam elicits a more effervescent joy, and movement fluidity different from the crisp linear profile of Bharatanatyam ……

The dancer’s commitment came into full play in the varnam “Saami Vinara” in Bhairavi.

Leela Venkataraman The HINDU


When the young gifted dancer Purvadhanashree put up a scintillating evening of the lesser known Vilasini Natyam, it was immediately clear that the form is now in good hands and the concerted efforts of Guru Swapnasundari have finally came to fruition.

U.K. Baneerjee The Pioneer  

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